Shop Talk: 2024-02-12

The Recording

The Panelists

  • Kevin Feasel
  • Mike Chrestensen

Notes: Questions and Topics

HYCU and Azure Backup

Our first topic was a viewer request from the prior show and was about HYCU and Azure Backup. I wasn’t familiar with HYCU and so I spent a little bit of time looking at their Azure offering and their data protection documentation. I still haven’t tried it out but that didn’t stop me from talking about it!


This was a departure from the normal data platform fare, but I’ve been using Openpilot and the Comma 3X a lot for assisted driving. Behaviors are a lot smoother than my stock driver assist options, especially when I’m not on highways. It’s definitely not perfect for me, especially in how it tries (and fails) to make smooth turns, but a surprisingly large percentage of my driving involves driving approximately in a straight line, and this does a fantastic job of that.

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