Shop Talk: 2023-07-31

The Recording

The Panelists

  • Kevin Feasel
  • Mala Mahadevan

Notes: Questions and Topics

Carolina Code Conference

Our first major topic of the night is that the Carolina Code Conference is coming up in just a couple of weeks: August 19th in Greenville, South Carolina. I’m going to be a presenter and am also a sponsor, so I’ll be pushing my wares. Tickets are free, though there’s a limited number for this year’s event.

Will AI Fix Work?

The second topic was one we spent a whole lot of time on, and Betteridge’s Law of Headlines gives my quick answer: no, AI will not fix work. Mala dropped this hot potato in my lap right before showtime, so we talked through it together and a good amount of my cynicism showed. I think there are areas where AI in general—and generative AI in particular—can help individual employees, but we’re riding the hype cycle curve right now, and I doubt these sorts of technologies have massive long-term benefits. I’m willing to be wrong on this, but it feels like stories from 25 years ago about how learning to code would eliminate all of the burdens of the average employee’s life.

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