Shop Talk: 2020-08-03

The Recording

The Panelists

  • Kevin Feasel
  • Tom Norman

Notes: Questions and Topics

Tracy the MVP

Congratulations to Tracy Boggiano for finally getting her MVP. It’s been a long time coming and I’m glad that she is getting the appropriate recognition for her community support.

Azure Data Studio Database Projects

Tom gives us his first thoughts on Azure Data Studio database projects. Tom referenced a blog post by Wolfgang Strasser and walked us through his first thoughts.

We then turned this into an extended discussion on the state of Azure Data Studio today.

A Rant on the XEvent Profiler

Tom and I then discussed Profiler. No, not that profiler; the other one. I hate the fact that Microsoft named this the XEvent Profiler because it really muddies the waters. The product itself is fine and is starting to give Extended Events a reasonable UI. But that name…

The biggest problem I have with the name is that it seems to be intentionally confusing, and as long as there are two tools called Profiler, that ambiguity will lead to confusion. “Oh, I heard from <insert name here> that Profiler is bad, so I’ll avoid this thing called XE Profiler. What’s an XE?” It would have been better to name it something different and make it easier for people to say something like “Avoid Profiler and use the SQL Server Performance Tracker instead.”

The product is fine; the name is not.


We had several questions around licensing, and I’m bundling them here.

First, if you have questions about SQL Server licensing, Thomas Grohser did a talk for our group last month and he explains it better than I ever will.

We also talked about licensing in tools like Visual Studio Code, which has its own license based on MIT. We talked a bit about which licenses tend to pass muster in legal teams at organizations, as well as some of the ones which don’t.

I also talked about why I hate Oracle and the exact amount of my Oracle razzing which is real versus me being a troll.

Mala’s Book Corner, by Kevin

In this week’s edition of Mala’s Book Corner Kevin’s Book Hovel, I recommended Spark in Action 2nd Edition by Jean-Georges Perrin. Jean-Georges is local to us in the Triangle area and published a great book on Spark. The examples are a lot better than what I’ve seen in other Spark books and training materials, so if you’re interested in learning about Spark, get this book.

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