Shop Talk: 2024-01-01

The Recording

The Panelists

  • Kevin Feasel
  • Mala Mahadevan

Notes: Questions and Topics

TriPASS Election Results

Our first topic of the night was TriPASS election results. With a resounding percentage of the vote, Tracy Boggiano and Mike Chrestensen are still stuck doing work for me TriPASS board members. I congratulate them and am glad to have them (as well as all of the board members) aboard.

Is SQL Server Old and Not Exciting?

Mala brought up the first real topic of the night, in which we talked a bit about how exciting SQL Server is. My belief is that yes, it’s not exciting for most people, but that’s okay: it works and it works well. That said, even within that answer, I’d still say that there are plenty of things in the product which do excite me. Of course, I’ve also focused a large portion of my career around SQL Server, so you’d hope that it would interest me.

I have a longer answer in the segment but basically, relational databases aren’t exciting and that’s generally a good thing. Exciting data platform technologies tend to lose your important data, even if they’re web-scale.

Skepticism of Low-Code Solutions

The other article was an interesting blog post from Nick Scialli on low-code products. I agree with the crux of the article and we spent a good amount of time talking about it, reminiscing about FoxPro, doing the opposite of reminiscing about PowerBuilder, and plenty more.

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