Shop Talk: 2023-02-13

The Recording

The Panelists

  • Kevin Feasel

Notes: Questions and Topics

The Disappointment Episode

Because there was nobody to stop me from spiraling, I started off the episode with some bad news:

  • We probably aren’t going to have a SQL Saturday Raleigh this year due to difficulty finding an appropriate venue. I had a bunch of places shoot us down or ghost us, so although I’m sure we could have found somewhere to host, we weren’t able to figure out where that place was in time.
  • I got the privilege of telling my employees that we were all being laid off as part of a reorganization plan.

Thoughts on Synapse

After that, I riffed for a while on a blog post by Eugene Meidinger covering the difficulty in learning Azure Synapse Analytics from someone without that classical warehousing or ETL experience. Earlier that day, Eugene, Carlos L. Chacon, and I interviewed someone (and I’m being a little cagey here just because the episode hasn’t come out yet so I don’t want to spoil too much) on this topic.

“Big Data” and Its Discontents

The final topic of the evening was a discussion of how “Big Data” platforms—the author’s experience is in BigQuery but I’d also include Hadoop and even things like the Azure Synapse Analytics dedicated SQL pool—have become less common over the past several years. I think the article makes a good number of points, particularly around the major increases in per-machine power we’ve seen over the past decade. There are a couple of parts where I think the author overplays his hand, but overall, the article is worth the read.

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