Shop Talk: 2021-06-07

The Recording

The Panelists

  • Kevin Feasel
  • Mala Mahadevan

Notes: Questions and Topics


Mala started us off with a discussion of SQL Server and SQL Management Objects (SMO). We spent the first half of the episode discussing SMO as a concept, understanding where and how to use it, and working through some of the foibles associated with it.


Chat did a good job of carrying this episode. Check out things like:

  • Customer support and how terrible it is, as well as my thoughts on the nature of level 1 & level 2 support versus level 3 and higher.
  • How containers differ from the Java Virtual Machine and why it makes sense for the former to be completely unrelated to the latter.
  • How to pronounce squid (Skoo-id, obviously).
  • Emanuele Meazzo’s SQL Server Diagnostic Book. I’m a fan of it.

And more!

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