Shop Talk: 2021-01-04

The Recording

The Panelists

  • Kevin Feasel
  • Mala Mahadevan
  • Tom Norman

Notes: Questions and Topics

Happy Trails, Tom

Our major announcement is that Tom Norman is moving to Texas. I appreciate everything that Tom has done for us at TriPASS and we all wish him well.

As a result, we do have an opening for a board member. If you are a TriPASS member in good standing and interested in being the VP of Membership, please reach out to me.

TriPASS Survey Results

Our first topic of the night was the results of the TriPASS survey. We had enough respondents to get some interesting results. Here’s the quick version:

  • A small majority of TriPASS members who voted said that they would potentially be interested in paid training sponsored by TriPASS, with a price point between $100 and $150, so basically the price of a SQL Saturday pre-con. There were quite a few topics mentioned, but little consistency in topic selection so we’ll have to talk about it as a board to see if there is a good training option we might put on.
  • Thanks to everybody who contributed topics of interest for us to cover. The good news is that we have plans to cover at least 70% or so of the requested topics in the next year. And I might find a way to bring in one or two more.
  • We asked about special interest groups, and we will continue to have two special interest groups in addition to the main meeting. The second Tuesday of the month will continue to be Advanced DBA. For the fourth Tuesday of the month, the title will be Data Science and Business Intelligence. This means that we will include more topics like Power BI, Tableau, and data modeling, but will keep data science and machine learning topics in play as well.
  • Finally, the last question on the survey that I covered pertained to Shop Talk cadence. We have decided to move Shop Talk to run once every two weeks. This means that we will meet every other Monday at 7 PM Eastern.

Thank you to everybody who took the time to fill out the survey.

Power BI End-to-End

Melissa Coates has an updated document for us: the Power BI End-to-End Diagram. Melissa has kept this up to date for several years, and it’s crazy to see just how much Power BI has changed over time. We joke about having a release every other day, but it feels true…

Data Professional Salary Survey, 2021 Edition

Brent Ozar has released the results of the 2021 Data Professional Salary Survey. I haven’t taken the time to look at the data yet, but I have for prior years. It’s a skewed data set—primarily people who know of Brent (or are in that extended network), so it’s going to focus mostly on SQL Server. But if you understand that this isn’t the entire data platform professional population, it’s a very interesting data set for analysis.

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