Shop Talk: 2020-04-06

The Recording

The Panelists

  • Kevin Feasel
  • Mala Mahadevan
  • Tom Norman

Notes: Questions and Topics


Can SQL Server Management Studio 18.4 connect to SSIS 2017 and SSIS 2019?

Answer: Yes. As of SSMS 18, you can connect to Integration Services 2017 and 2019. For prior versions of Integration Services, you will need the same version of SSMS as SSIS.

Azure Data Studio and Notebooks

Kevin’s mini-rant about Azure Data Studio shortcuts can be summed up in two GitHub issues: supporting Jupyter shortcuts and supporting Command Mode. Please upvote those by choosing a thumbs-up reaction if you want to see these in Azure Data Studio.

Module Signing

From chat:

johnfan14: Can I ask a question´╝č The question is If we must modify the Orders table to meet the following requirements: 1. Create new rows in the table without granting INSERT permissions to the table. 2. Notify the sales person who places an order whether or not the order was completed. What should we create?

For the first part, my recommendation is to use certificate signing. Solomon Rutzky has an excellent tutorial on that. Solomon happened to be in chat and mentioned that ownership chaining can work as well for many circumstances.

The answer to the second part is generally to use something like Service Broker. For more on that, I’d recommend Colleen Morrow’s series of posts on the topic.

SQL Server in Docker Containers

We had a question in chat about using SQL Server in containers. Microsoft has some good documentation on how to get that going.

I also mentioned running Linux containers natively in Windows without emulation via Hyper-V. You can read more about that on the Docker website.

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