Shop Talk: 2024-06-03

The Recording

The Panelists

  • Kevin Feasel

Notes: Questions and Topics

Vista Equity Writes off Pluralsight

Our first topic came from Brent Ozar’s Monday links newsletter and covers a report that Vista Equity is writing off the entire equity value in Pluralsight, which they bought for $3.5 billion a few years back. I ranted a bit about private equity and talked about some of the challenges that learning platforms have in our modern era. I really liked Pluralsight and was a subscriber for years, only cancelling the subscription after I moved to a totally different role and really didn’t have time to take any more courses.

Copilot+ Recall: A Bad Idea

Our other big topic was an amazing article covering a terrible idea. Kevin Beaumont has written a top-notch post describing the many ways that Copilot+ Recall is not ready for prime time. And one cynical take I read after broadcast summed up the problem quite nicely: if Copilot+ Recall does become generally available, you have to assume that any document you ever send to a user running Windows 11 (or later) will be stolen.

All the Copilots

Speaking of Copilots, we also talked about the various Copilots Microsoft has available right now, based on this Ginger Grant article. Ginger lists 10 of them and we might even have quibbles about there being additional ones (e.g., PowerPoint and Word being separate Copilots rather than one Office 365 Copilot) in practice if not in pricing.

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